The Shamballa Light Center is a 509(a)(2) Public Charity. Donations to our organization are always well received and are also tax deductible. We are grateful for your help. We are supported by your donations, be they volunteer work, material goods, money, property, or services.
As a Public Charity, the Shamballa Light Center has a purpose and a mission. We often consider ourselves a church. We meet regularly for meditation and fellowship. We share our stories. We help each other develop our gifts and work towards our life purpose. But our mission statement also encompasses providing low income housing, building intentional communities, and providing safe places to live and thrive.
We thank you for your help and support. Please register your membership and receive our gratitude and the benefits of membership like our on line meetings and meditations, newsletter, in person meditation classes by Elder Bruce, or even a stay at our property on the Sacred Earth. We look forward to seeing you on-line and at one of our retreats. Namaste.