Meet with us on-line for monthly meditation and a spiritual message. Our teachers offer guided meditation. Like most spiritual services, we ask for your kind donations to keep our programs running.
Join us First Saturday of the month, 10:00 AM Pacific Time

Hosted by Master Nick, these meetings are live and scheduled through Clubhouse on Lightworker 5D Ascension.

Meetings usually last an hour and include Shamballa Light Center updates and member happenings.  A brief spiritual message is followed by a thirty minute guided meditation. Guest hosts are occasionally invited, offering some variety in meditative styles. Join us in the Clubhouse room LIGHTWORKER 5D ASCENSION for fellowship, discussions, education, and other interesting topics. An energy clearing is always included and happens when you meditate.


You can join us in person at the Shamballa Light Center for meditation hosted by Elder Bruce, who is available for lessons on how to meditate for both beginners and advanced students. Author of Spirit and Soul Psychology, he has studied meditation in zendos and ashrams from Hawaii to Colorado. With special consideration and planning, he is willing to conduct a sesshin, a week-long zen meditation that, combined with spiritual practices, leads to enlightenment.

If you are interested we will set-up a personal retreat and meditation program


If you have a desire to help, either remotely from your home, or on site at the Shamballa Light Center in Tucson, please contact us. We need all kinds of skills: artists, writers, web developers, event planners, gardeners, builders and construction experts, just to name a few. Contact us through email with your skills and whatever plans or work you may have to offer. Grants, internships, and work programs are offered from time to time. They may include stipends, housing, use of Light Center resources, or access to our meta-community services. We currently have volunteer positions open if you want to get involved. Send us an email if you are interested.