As our establishing phase comes to an end we are poised to move forward with our Un-Grid, Inclusive Feminist, Eco-Punk Dome Village of the future. The weather is fine and this next year promises much forward motion. Once we have created our dome village, we plan on expanding to build dome villages for other communities as a cottage business. We also envision an educational center for people to tour and learn about a different way to live and thrive.

As we continue to form our desert community, we invite input, insight, curiosity, and collaboration! Our goal is to create a community that shares talents in many creative endeavors including building and DIY abilities, desert preservation techniques, food and herb cultivation, technology, arts and music, and so much more. We welcome people who aren’t afraid to get their hands a little dirty in the process of innovating, learning, and growing together. Our longer-term plans are based on continuing to gather community members that are in tune with nature, comfortable with a diverse variety of people, and willing to self-reflect and self-correct when necessary. Having a clear understanding of how privilege works, combined with a willingness and desire to really listen to new perspectives, creates the potential for growth from individual empathy to a thriving, vibrant, highfunctioning, and blissful community. This is and will continue to be the foundation on which we build. 

At Sacred Earth Farm, Earth is a Community Council Member and a Department of Public Works Lead. He is also a member of Wind Spirit Community and cofounder of Enchanted Forest Community, where he is a jack of all trades and a philanthropist. Kat Alvarius is a Panther at Large and Community Member of Sacred Earth Farm, as well as an artist and a friend of Nature. Candy Cantrell is a Community Council Member and Co-Creator at Sacred Earth Farm as well as an enthusiast of herbs, meditation, and frequency healing, communication advocate, community liaison, and feminist.

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