In reaching our goal to thrive, we know that the physical attributes of the land are only part of the equation for success. The most critical aspect of creating a successful community is in gathering the right people together and supporting them. Our experiences with various communities have led us on a long quest to understand what works and what doesn’t. We believe that having a solid core philosophy goes a long way toward pulling aligned people together and this in turn allows people who are aligned to self-select themselves. We also know that just like starting a fire from tiny embers, this early stage of our growth is critical. Patience is our motto in this realm, so we resist the urge to accept new energies into our midst that don’t align with our values.

We see the default world out there as a natural, and likely inevitable, progression of a system that has a few powerful, privileged people controlling the masses. We recognize the benefits we’ve received from the “system,” but we fundamentally reject the notion that we must continue with this trajectory for another second. As a result, we have rallied ourselves around the label of “Inclusive Feminism” because we want to recognize and assert that this 49.6 percent of the world’s population deserves better. We also want to extend that assertion to other oppressed groups (LGBTQIA, People of Color, Indigenous Communities, etc.). For us, it’s time to change the game plan and accelerate that change. We, in fact, believe that this is our best hope for creating a thriving, vibrant, high-functioning, and blissful community. While we seek a deep reset in our way of living, we do not shy away from the beneficial technologies that modern civilization has brought forth.

Un-gridding and reprogramming ourselves does not preclude thriving, and being eco does not mean we abandon our spaces to the pack rats. Reflecting this attitude we have adopted another label of “Eco-Punk” to reflect the fact that though we are mindful of nature, we are also here to stay and that means we will take up space amongst the critters here. From solar technology to hydraulic presses to security sensors and special soil-stabilizing enzymes, we utilize technology wherever it makes sense.

As we form, our primary need for shelter is provided by RVs and travel trailers along with wooden structures that support our solar arrays and provide shade and rain cover. Our target living structures are easy to build and deploy mini “domiciles” built with the aid of a specialized press that makes quick work of building the framework, and a CNC machine (a Computer Numerical Control router, used to manufacture parts) that likewise makes quick work of creating the dome “skin” (partially from recycled coroplast left over from election campaign signage) that will cover the framework. These domes in turn will rest on foundations treated with a high-tech enzyme that transforms the native soil into a highly stable, erosionresistant foundation.

Our current top priority is getting our own water source online. We are installing the water well pump ourselves so that we will have the skills necessary to deal with any water well issues in the future. Luckily the technology is readily available for us to DIY this endeavor of pumping water up from 420 feet below the surface using only the power of the sun to do the pumping. Our starter village is complete and includes basic amenities like our compost toilet (a golden throne, with its own bidet and sink that lets us safely return our human resources back to the earth) and our prototype dome which we use as a bathhouse.